Okaihau School


Fitness is a part of the daily class programme. Children are required to participate unless a note is received from the parent/guardian.


Homework is set by the individual class teacher and will vary according to age / class level and the class programme. Most junior classes will have a regular reading homework programme in place, with other work including basic mathematics being a regular feature of older class homework requirements. If parents are unsure of what homework their child / children should be doing, contact the classroom teacher.


Late Arrivals / Absences:
If children arrive at school late, for whatever reason, please come to the office and ensure that an adult signs the children in. This is necessary to ensure there are no misunderstandings or unforeseen situations about attendance. If your child is absent, please contact the school office. School will ring to check absent children. New truancy provisions have been initiated by Ministry. Children are legally required to attend school. Any planned absence must be notified to the Principal or  school office.


Library and Care of Books:
The school library is regularly being added to. Pupils are encouraged to borrow books to read at home on a regular basis. Children are taught about the care and use of books in library sessions. It would be appreciated that equal care be shown when the books are taken home. Books should be returned to School within a week - they may be re-issued at this time. Lost books will be charged for.


Lost Property:
This is located outside Room 1. Feel free to claim your child’s items. At the end of each term it is displayed, and unclaimed clothing is given to charity.


Lucky /Arrow / Star Book Orders:
Approximately five times a year order forms are sent home for families to purchase books at various levels. There is no expectation for anyone to purchase. If children are ordering books please send the money to the school in a named sealed envelope with the appropriate order form.


Naming of Clothing:
Please name all clothing and items that children bring to school.


New Entrant Enrolments:
Parents enroling a 5 year old for the first time are requested to present a Birth Certificate, and an immunisation certificate (available from your doctor). These are legal requirements of the school. All enrolments are through the school office, with the Principal or the Secretary. Okaihau school encourages prospective enrolments to make visits prior to their starting school so they can become familiar with the school environment, teachers, pupils and school routines. Visiting times are 9am to 11.00am on the four Fridays prior to starting.


A regular weekly newsletter is published and sent home with the oldest / only child every Thursday. There may be other less frequent newsletters from the Board of Trustees, the P.T.A., and individual teachers.


Parent Helpers in the Classroom:
As a school, we very much appreciate and encourage the active involvement of parents and caregivers in the school programme. If you would like to assist in classrooms as a parent helper, contact the classroom teacher or the school office.


Parent Visits:
The school has an open door policy and welcomes parents at anytime. If you have a serious concern, please contact the principal. Please sign in at the office first if visiting or dropping of something.  


Personal Property:
Responsibility for personal property belongs to the individual. Both at school and on school outings no insurance cover is provided for loss, damage, theft or other mishap.


Pets Day:
One of the highlights of our school’s year, Pets Day is usually held in early November. Some children then like to take the opportunity to also show their animals or indoor exhibits at the Waimate Show.


The school photocopier is available for community use. Charges are 20c per copy or 50c for colour copy.


Class and individual photographs are taken, usually in the second half of the year, and are offered on a payment in advance basis.


Grandparents Day:
In November we open the school for Grandparents. Usually it begins with a morning tea, 11-11.30am, followed by visits to rooms, lunch and a great feeling. Do enjoy it. The date is advised in the newsletter.


Pupils are expected to reflect the core values of courtesy and diligence. Where pupils are discourteous, disruptive, dishonest or likely to endanger the well-being of others, they will be reprimanded. Dependent upon our assessment of the severity or repetitive nature of the offense, the Principal may be involved. Exclusion from school events may eventuate. For serious matters we will endeavour to contact parents to explain what has happened.

Dress Code:
Okaihau Primary does not have a school uniform. Neat and tidy attire appropriate for the age level and outdoor activity. No make up and jewellery other than wrist watches, studs or keepers should be worn.


All enrolments are through the school office, with the Principal or the Secretary.


First Aid / Illness:
If children feel unwell or have an accident at school we will utilize the sick bay, although we consider it preferable for children who aren’t well to go home. When possible, parents will be notified to collect children in such circumstances. Minor accidents, bruises and cuts are treated at school. If staff are concerned about the child or they consider the child to be in pain or in some discomfort parents will be contacted. In cases of serious injury or illness we may arrange for a Doctor or ambulance officer to attend to the difficulty, in addition to contacting you. Because of the health and safety provisions we would appreciate parents / caregivers notifying the school when home or work contact numbers change


Children collected by Car:
If children are being collected at 3.00 p.m. by car, could parents please use the car park in front of the school to avoid potential problems in the bus bay. For safety, do not call your children across the road.


Contacting the School:
We welcome contact with parents, as children respond better and are more likely to be confident and secure knowing that parent and school are able to communicate freely. Staff are prepared to meet with parents and or caregivers at any time, although it is preferred that an appointment be made outside of class contact time. In the event of a child being absent from school parents are required to provide some form of explanation for the absence, either a note addressed to the class teacher or a telephone call to the school.

The school has a cellphone available for texting in absences or messages.  Number  is 021-08220024


School Activities:
These are set by the Board of Trustees, currently they are: 

1 child  $40.00 per annum, 2 children $75.00 per annum,  or $100.00 for 3 or more children. A separate classroom stationery contribution is also payable when purchasing the years stationery and covers photocopying and related activies.


Curriculum Expenses:

These are set by the Board of Trustees and help to subsidize photocopying, visiting performers, trips, class activities, teacher aidese etc.

Currently fees are: 1 child  $40.00 per annum, 2 children $75.00 per annum,  or $100.00 for 3 or more children per annum. A separate classroom stationery contribution is also payable when purchasing the years stationery. 


Cycling to School:
Children are permitted to ride bicycles to school, with uncovered racks available for bicycle storage. Parents are reminded that children must by law always wear a helmet.


Protective instructions must be supported by a legal copy of any court judgement valid in New Zealand. Please keep the school updated of any changes or extensions to dates.


Dental Health:
Our dental provider is Ngati Hine Health Trust based in Kawakawa.  Contact them on 0800 737 573 to find out where the dental caravan is currently located.



Religious Instruction:
Religious instruction is not presently part of Okaihau School programme.



Reporting to Parents:
Parents are invited to parent interviews held in March to discuss children’s work, attitude and to set goals. There is another interview at the end of Term 2 to review the goals set and progress made. There is a written report at the end of Term 4.



School Lunches:
Okaihau school has bought lunches available on a daily basis. Children must order their lunch through the school office before 9.00am. Alternatively, parents and children may order directly from our supplier, Okaihau Dairy.

Our menu is currently:

  • Irvines Mince/Mince & Cheese/PT Pie $2.50
  • Sausage Roll $1.80
  • Ham & Egg Roll  $2.80
  • Large Filled Roll (long) $3.30
  • Yoghurt choc/banana  $1.30
  • Cookie Time Cookie $1.30
  • Honey Log $2.00
  • Muesli bites $1.30
  • Apple $1.00
  • Bluebird chicken chippies $1.30
  • Fruit Drink $1.50
  • Milk Drink $1.80
  • Juicie $0.80
  • Moosie $1.50
  • Hot Chips (Fridays only) (sauce extra 30c) $1.50
  • 6 Chicken nuggets (Mondays only) $2.50
  • Sauce 50c
  • Vogel Salad Sandwich (ham,chicken,salami) $3.20
  • Nutella Sandwich $1.70
  • Salad Sandwiches white or brown bread. chicken/salami/ham $3.00

This list applies to orders through school and to orders directly through the Dairy.



Sports Uniforms:
During physical education lessons and sports periods children are expected to wear clothing suitable for the activity, i.e. shorts, tracksuits etc, not dresses or jeans. When attending a sports day involving other schools, children will be provided with an Okaihau primary school sports uniform on the day, if appropriate.  If you child is given a uniform for a Saturday sports, please make sure these are returned to school at the end of the season.


School Swimming:
This occurs at the end of Term 4 and beginning of Term 1 depending upon the weather. You are asked to ensure that your child has a towel and togs each day or let the school know if a child is unable to go swimming. Swimming lessons for each class are held daily.



We hold a supply of stationery at school for children to purchase. This is purchased in bulk at the start of the school year and the discounts gained are passed on in the price charged to the children. If parents purchase elsewhere, please purchase items the same as those listed on our class order forms. It is preferable to wait until the start of the school year to ensure that the correct stationery is purchased.



Swimming Pool Use:
The school is open to the community at a nominal cost that supports pool upkeep. Currently $80.00/season for new keys and $70.00/season for those exchanging keys.



Allergies / Medicine:
Any prescription medicine must be given to staff upon arrival at school. A written note allowing staff to administer the dosage must also accompany the medicine. Long term medicine(s) must be named and will be held in the sick bay. Refer to the back of this booklet for information and a disclaimer.



The school holds one main assembly:

Friday at 2.30pm - 3pm for music, awards and information.

The three syndicates (Junior, Middle, Senior) assemble from time to time as required.



Bus Services:
The current bus services are operated by CLARKS COACHLINES and KAIKOHE Bus Services on the following areas.

1. Ohaeawai

2. Te Pua Road, Remuera Settlement Roads then Waimate North.

3. Kaikohe Pay bus

4. Mangamuka

5. Puketi (Waiare, Lodore Rd to Puketi road)

6. Horeke/Utakura

7. Rahiri

8. Lake road


Our runs are shared with the college. If any parents ever have concerns about children’s behaviour on the bus, don’t hesitate to contact the school. Our liaison officer is Mr Tim Couling.

Please remind the children when getting off the bus, to wait until the bus has passed two power poles, before looking both ways for traffic and crossing the road.


Visits / Excursions / Camps:
Educational visits are an integral part of the school curriculum and are arranged with an educational objective in mind. Visits will usually be confined to the local area, with costs incurred the parents responsibility. Parents can expect to be totally informed by newsletter prior to any educational visit taking place. School camps are also part of most schools extra curricula programme, although are dependent upon individual teacher, circumstances and parent support. As all educational camps and excursions involve cost, most will be user pays, although if there is a problem please feel free to contact me at school as we can always come to an arrangement to ensure children aren’t disadvantaged in terms of opportunities. Confidentiality can be ensured regarding any arrangements made.
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