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Okaihau Primary School Houses

Okaihau Primary School Houses

Children are allocated a house when they join our school. Points are earned for taking part in X-Country, Athletics, Swimming Sports and
Weekly Duty after lunch, which includes picking up rubbish and putting away sports equipment. This is done on a rotation basis. There is
a House Cup to be won at the end of the year for the house with the most points.

We have 4 houses:

AORANGI – Blue – meaning
‘White Cloud’. When NZ was
first sighted, Mount cook was
the highest point ‘into the

MOANAROA – meaning ‘Long
distance travelled by
sea. ‘Long Sea travel’.
Moana – ocean.

Yellow – meaning
‘Lands End’. Land
reached after long sea

TAMIHANA – Purple – meaning ‘Thompson’ –
Neville Thompson
was the first ever
Principal at this

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