Okaihau Primary School

Our Values

Okaihau Primary School Values

Riding The Winds To Success


‘Ma nga hau e kawe te matauranga ki te taumata’
‘Heka he Matangi ko Ma’ili fainoa’

‘Riding The Winds To Success’ was chosen as our vision statement by the community because:

  1. Okaihau – one translation of the word Okaihau is “the feast of the winds”
  2. We would like to see our children succeed to the best of their ability.
  3. It is in English, Maori, and Tongan because these are the 3 predominant groups that make up the children of our school.

The 3 R's


At Okaihau Primary, our children will practice the 3 R’s of Okaihau Primary:

Respect, Responsibility, and Reactions.

Responsibility: For your own learning, To the group, For your belongings, For your behaviour, To others in the class, To the school.

Respect: Cooperate, Manners, Your own and others property, Your elders, Others, Yourself.

Reactions: How we relate to others, Be positive, Say no appropriately, Be courteous.

As part of our 3 R’s, we also expect a high standard of manners from our students and our staff. This includes things like the use of the word “Please” when asking for something, “Thank you” when receiving something, kind actions towards others and acknowledging people with a greeting such as: “Kia Ora”, “Hello” or “Good morning”.

Our goals


Here at Okaihau Primary School we have three main goals which we wish to achieve:

  1. Raising the achievement of all students: Maori, Pakeha and, Pasifika, by providing exciting dynamic programmes, with innovative teaching. This will be achieved by use of excellent teaching practices and resources.

  2. Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and a value of all cultures by fostering positive, confident relationships in a safe environment.

  3. Encourage a partnership between school and the wider community by involving whanau positively in their children’s education.

Our values


We view our values by looking at them as a tree of knowledge. The Puriri tree shape was chosen because of the large grove of Puriri trees that dominate the school grounds providing so much pleasure for the children and the community.

The children are in the centre of the tree as they are seen as the heart of our community.

The branches that go out from the children show the values and attributes we wish the children to display at school and in the future.

The trunk and roots are the support network, nourishing each child.

Mission statement

At Okaihau Primary School, we make it our mission to create an educational atmosphere which is fun and gives our children a positive experience throughout their learning. Our programs help students use their thinking skills, which they learn in class, and teach them how to apply them to future experiences that they will encounter. We also strive for our children to show and display the values and attributes which we have taught them and encourage them to use them during school and also in the future. Keep exploring our site to learn more about us.

At Okaihau Primary School, students receive so much more than an ordinary education. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes growth both academically and personally.

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